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Nothing Stops Another Day


The last few weeks I have been feeling anxious and very emotional. There have been sleepless nights, and there probably will be a lot more. It’s because I can see the end in sight (fingers crossed)… and I just want to get there already. Physically – I’m feeling pretty good these days. Starting to feel back to my old self. There are a few aches and pains and other small side effects, but all in all I’m feeling pretty good. It’s the waiting… the not knowing… and the question “did it all work?” I should know very soon.

I once read the quote: “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy” – so we have. Tyler and I have been keeping busy, trying to keep our minds occupied – with work, sports, rehearsals, getting up to the cottage when we can – it’s been a jam packed couple of months. It’s been helpful that we have things to look forward to. Both of us have two of our best friends getting married away from home this summer so planning the trips and all the activities has been fun. The thing we are looking forward to the most is coming up this weekend… The Ride to Conquer Cancer is finally here.

Tyler's jersey came in for The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Tyler’s jersey came in for The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Tyler and his friend Chris are going to be doing “The Classic” route – 200kms + from Toronto to Niagara Falls. The boys have been training, getting their road bikes prepped for the long haul, and getting all their gear together. Last night Ty’s jersey and bib package came in the mail and I started to cry. Everything this race symbolizes for us came rushing in. The last seven months has been a crazy ride for the two of us. Tyler committed to wanting to do this ride the day I was diagnosed. It was his way of giving back. I have been fighting this fight physically and he has been doing it mentally since. This ride signifies the shift – its his turn to test the limits of his body and strength and I will be the support and encouragement along the route. Nobody has ever done anything so nice in my honour. I can’t wait to cheer you guys on over the course of the weekend and be there at the finish line to say FU Cancer – #TEALPOWER has this one.

The #TEALPOWER bracelet initiative that my brother, Tyler and some of my friends spearheaded raised almost $2000 towards Tyler’s ride. So far with Tyler’s almost $4500 raised and Chris’ $2500 we have raised $7000 for Princess Margaret Hospital, specifically for the gynecology clinic that has been such a huge player in my journey. (side note: cannot stop crying happy tears as I type that amount). That is some strong #TEALPOWER, but most importantly… this is all creating awareness. I am so thankful to everyone who donated and has supported.

For those still wanting to donate you can visit Tyler’s page here and Chris’ page here.

I wanna end things with a smile today. This is something that was sent to me by my dear “gusband” Graeme. He did this awhile ago and I love it so much. I’m hit or miss with mashups – but this one I can get behind… especially because it’s him performing (and sounds awesome). Enjoy! #TEALPOWER:





2 thoughts on “Nothing Stops Another Day

  1. Well said, Alison. You guys sound like a genuinely inspirational couple. 🙂

  2. Awesome video Alison. Stay strong darling, hoping you hear really good new soon xoxo

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